we are

The Heavenly Dead is an family run, independent, alternative, underground clothing and accessory brand. We bring a unique, macabre, retro cartoon illustration style and slam it in the face with influences from street art, film noir, hammer horror and everything inbetween.  

The style is ours. The looks are yours.

Be Authentic. Be Unafraid. Be You. 



So Who Is Behind it all? 

Anthony-John is an Illustrator, Business Owner, Father, and has been a general layabout since his entry to the world in 1980.

Anthony has always loved drawing.  From an early age he wanted to be an architect (one of those posh jobs they mention in school) until he realized the amount of dedication needed (and knowledge of maths - algebra - urrrgh!)…so he swiftly gave up on that idea (he was only 8 after all…)

”I will be a comic artist” he thought - as he always loved the dark looming images behind those amazing stories…if only he could draw hands, noses and eyes which were very tricky (at 11 cars and animals were far easier)…

As he grew older he found the lure of friends, pool tables and practically anything else outside the confines of his own mind - would detract from the ‘act’ of drawing - though he loved the thought of it all the same.  The daydream of being an artist felt comfortable to him like a warm cup of Hot Chocolate on a cold evening - soothing the niggles of the everyday away. And this is where it stayed - a daydream.

Graduating with a plethora of GCSE’s without putting in much effort, Anthony went on to complete some irrelevant A-levels, completed a Foundation in Art and Design at Walsall College and later a Undergraduate Degree in Photography at the University of Derby.  

As time passed, careers were made, lifetime partners were found and children were born.  Life had moved on - however Anthony would still draw  - sometimes for several minutes at a time - with the dreams of becoming an illustrator one day. 

It took several years (maybe 20!?!) before he decided to throw the towel in with the Retail Rat Race and follow his dream…he wasn’t getting any younger after all! One Dark Day Arts (2019) and finally The Heavenly Dead (2022) were born.

So based in the UK, somewhere in the wilds of the West Midlands, you may hear the faint scribbling of a pencil…or the tap tap tapping on a keyboard…

If you're lucky (or unlucky as the case maybe!) you will see the very rare sight of Anthony away from his desk - foraging for snacks or a light beverage on his quest for illustrative excellence…

What you can guarantee is that Anthony is always working on the next thing, never satisfied and relentless in his search to bring new ideas and thoughts to life.


You Mentioned One Dark Day Arts - Who Are they?

One Dark Day Arts (ODD ARTS as he fondly calls it) was bought to life in 2019 and is the illustrative powerhouse behind ‘The Heavenly Dead’.

Like Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein’ but with an even more ODDly shaped, mismatching set of body parts, ODD Arts became a creative outlet for all those hidden illustrations, thoughts and musings trapped in the cursed mind of Anthony-John.

At ODD Arts you will find Anthony’s Illustrative portfolio. Although small - it is perfectly formed (or so his mum used to say!) 

ODD Arts became a realization of the illustrative dream - “Can I share my love of illustration with the world - and maybe support my beautiful partner and our 5 children at the same time?!”

Yes - yes you can

Thus ‘The Heavenly Dead’ emerged at the start of 2022 and is set to take the world by storm….or at least a small group of similar minded individuals who embrace individuality, celebrate weirdness and a love a little creative schizophrenia.

Be Defiant. Be Unique. Be You.